Vehicle logistics

China Capital Logistics provides a full range of integrated logistics services and solutions for complete-vehicle manufacturers, with its business covering the entire process of commodity vehicles from the production line to the dealers to provide whole-process services such as complete-vehicle warehousing, transportation, maintenance, chassis quality inspection, and PDI.China Capital Logistics has created the "YOUKAYUNCHE" brand for social vehicle customers such as second-hand cars, private cars, exhibition cars, financial supervision cars and dealers' new cars.

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Parts logistics

At present, China Capital Logistics has established 12 production and logistics business bases in ten major cities of China and can provide customers with integrated production logistics services covering MR (milk run), RDC (regional distribution center), CC (distribution center), VMI (vendor managed inventory), LCM (Lean packaging management), sorting center, in-plant wire feeding, container storage yard, partial shipment and repair, equipment management and workshop management, etc. China Capital Logistics has established after-sales logistics business bases in nine major cities of China and can provide customers with integrated after-sales logistics services including spare parts storage management, spare parts transportation management and spare parts packaging management business, etc.

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International logistics

Through cooperation with China Railway Special Cargo Service Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd., multiple China Railway Express platform companies, German Federal Railway, and air freight companies,China Capital Logistics can provide customers around the world with logistics consulting, transportation scheme design, packaging, booking, domestic and international goods pick-up (delivery), domestic and foreign customs declaration (customs clearance), full track tracking, domestic and foreign warehousing, entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency services, and port services at the place of departure and destination. Our business model covers containers, railway cage trucks, ro-ro ships, etc., and we provide international multimodal transport services of railway, sea, air, and highway, etc. for various brands of commercial vehicles, parts, and other import and export goods.

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Urban logistics

China Capital Logistics fulfills the responsibility of state-owned enterprises to accelerate the layout of urban logistics, promote cross-industry cooperation based on the concept of open cooperation and win-win, draw on platform resources to meet the needs of regional economic development, and build an integrated O2O service platform for urban logistics. China Capital Logistics focuses on building a logistics system that simultaneously develops online and offline in the field of urban logistics to provide integrated solution services for customers and urban development. To address urban logistics requirements, it has independently developed a transportation information system that covers dispatch management, settlement management, transportation monitoring, basic data, report center and other service modules, which further improves urban logistics informatization and reduces costs and increases efficiency in the supply chain.

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Logistics finance

China Capital Logistics's financial services include two major sectors, namely, pledge supervision and centralized library supervision, and it has formed a full-chain business pattern of "Internet + Internet of Things + Big Data + Finance + Automobile". On the basis of traditional on-site inspections, online inspections and regional management, the company has strengthened the application of informatization and data technology, and established direct system connections with China CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank, Zheshang Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Guangfa Bank and many other financial institutions on the information platform for successful paperless operation and credit business risk control.

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Partners & Customers

China Capital Logistics Co., Ltd. joints hands with over 300 customers to occupy the blue ocean market