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Focus on providing solutions to intelligent supply chain and services for supply chain integration in the automotive industry

· China Capital Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded


· Undertook vehicle logistics businesses from BAIC Motor and Beijing Hyundai

· Undertook steel logistics businesses from Shougang Group
· Added business scope: property management, parking service, car rental
· The registered capital was increased from 10 million to 50 million


· Undertook Beijing Hyundai, with businesses expanding to production and general contract on taxi

· Undertook steel plate transportation from Beijing Benz

· The self-run fleet of CCL was established and awarded the honorary title of Green Fleet by Transport Management Bureau of Transportation Committee

· Zhuzhou Branch of China Capital Logistics was founded


· Obtained the overall integrated logistics service business from Beijing Benz

· Initiated Benz CKD base project in Beijing Daxing District and Benz logistics base project in Beijing Tongzhou District

· Initiated logistics planning of THAAD high-end base and power assembly planning in Tongzhou logistics base

· The operation management system for vehicle logistics business of CCL went into operation

· Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification


· Undertook the transport business for BBAC imported vehicles from Beijing Benz

· Set up offices in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou

· Undertook the logistics business from Beijing Hyundai

· Beijing CCL GLOVIS Logistics Co., Ltd was founded, invested by China and Korea jointly


· The after-sales logistics management center was established, and thus the company’s after-sales logistics business began to take shape

· Fully undertook the production business of Mercedes-Benz

· The vehicle logistics warehousing base in Zhuzhou was put into use

· Wuhan transit storage was put into use officially

·  CCL Huanghua Logistics Co., Ltd, CCL (Guangzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd and Beijing CCL Maisu Logistics Co., Ltd were built successively

· The railway line from Zhuzhou to Beijing went into service, marking the official railway transportation mode of CCL


· Added the registered capital to 450 million yuan

· Planned the construction of (modern) logistics bases in Changhe, Zhenjiang and Huanghua

· China Capital Logistics began to take over the warehousing business from four bases of BAIC Motor officially

· The after-sale service network of China Capital Logistics (Shanghai) was put into use

· CCL (Zhuzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd and Beijing Xingda Transportation Branch were established successively 


· Jiangxi CCL Changhe Logistics Co., Ltd, CCL (Zhenjiang) Logistics Co., Ltd, CCL Logistics Co., Ltd (Beijing Branch) and Chongqing CCL Logistics Co., Ltd were established successively

· CCL won the title of “5A Level Logistics Enterprise” awarded by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

· CCL (Guangzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd increased the capital to 24 million

· The APP for vehicle in transit and delivery control, a mobile application system, was put into operation officially

· CCL Changhe started the vehicle business, and CCL Zhenjiang started the production logistics business

· CCL (Zhuzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd increased the capital to 10 million, and increased the business project of “bulk transport” 

· CCL (Zhuzhou) increased the capital to 24.5 million

· The goods under the military vehicle project of BAIC Off-road Vehicle were loaded and delivered via railway


· The new energy logistics management center was built

· CCL GLOVIS (Cangzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd was built

· Established the logistics financial center and initiated the automobile pledge supervision project

· Waterway shipping launch ceremony opened a new mode of waterway transportation of BAIC commercial vehicles

· Promoted the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between BAIC Group and CRSCL (China Railway Special Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd.) to lay the foundation for railway transportation of the company’s commercial vehicles

· China Capital Logistics and Hafu Logistics signed the strategic cooperation agreement on vehicle logistics

· China Capital Logistics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FOTON and Huanda Automobile on the purchase of 1,000 vehicles with center axle

· The online transport capacity service platform for vehicle logistics was put into operation officially

· China Capital Logistics increased business scope: Sales of coal, automobiles

· The information management center passed ISO20000 IT service system certification successfully


· Formal start of waterway transport for containers

· The information system was upgraded to achieve the data analysis and visualization for vehicle logistics

· China Capital Logistics obtained ISO9001: another version of 2015 Quality Management System Certificate successfully

· The launch ceremony for limousines with center axle from BAIC Motor of China Capital Logistics was held successfully

· Completed the parade and review vehicle Beijing (BJ) 80 transport tasks on “The 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong” and “The 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army” 

· China Capital Logistics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing FOTON Zhike Logistics Co., Ltd

· CCL WMS connected with the DNS system of BAIC BJEV for the first time

· The intelligent monitoring system and equipment of the financial center have been put into operation in the BAIC line and CHANGAN AUTO system officially


· Zhuzhou 3D storage was put into use officially

· CCP China Capital Logistics Co., Ltd Committee was founded

· China Capital Logistics Co., Ltd (Laixi Branch) was built

· 2018 Vehicle Carrier Management Conference of China Capital Logistics was held


· Signed the business contract on general cargo transport with Yanjing Beer

· Ran and developed Chongqing steel transport business officially

· The robot storage control system of China Capital Logistics was put into use officially

· Completed the service support task of guidance vehicles for the 70th anniversary parade on the National Day successfully

· The launch ceremony of strategic cooperation for Transport Chain Alliance, a shared service platform of automobile supply chain, was held in the mountain city of Chongqing

· The “China-Europe Railway International Transport Project” was completed successfully, creating the first joint international transport of closed carriages and containers, and reaching to a new level of international logistics


·  Started the railway transportation of spare parts officially

·  China Capital Logistics completed the transportation tasks of 2 donated negative pressure ambulances of Fujian Benz, 24 donated vehicles of BAIC Changhe for epidemic prevention materials and anti-epidemic protective materials appointed by BAIC Group successfully

· China Capital Logistics Co., Ltd. registered and established Tianjin Technology Branch of China Logistics Co., Ltd.

· China Capital Logistics was awarded the title of Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

·  China Capital Logistics was conferred with the title “National High-tech Enterprise”

· China Capital (Zhuzhou) Logistics Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the "Qualification of Class 9 Hazardous Goods Transportation"


· Put Zhongge Chongqing Logistics Base into use

· Launched the digital management platform for the complete vehicle warehouse logistics
· Undertook the whole chain logistics business of XPeng Motors
· Undertook Beijing Benz’s complete vehicle logistics business for a period of 5 years
· Participated in the guarantee for transportation of vehicles for Olympic Winter Games