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A provider for solutions to intelligent supply chain and services for supply chain integration

Business Overview

At present, China Capital Logistics has established 12 production and logistics business bases in ten major cities of China and can provide customers with integrated production logistics services covering MR (milk run), RDC (regional distribution center), CC (distribution center), VMI (vendor managed inventory), LCM (Lean packaging management), sorting center, in-plant wire feeding, container storage yard, partial shipment and repair, equipment management and workshop management, etc. China Capital Logistics has established after-sales logistics business bases in nine major cities of China and can provide customers with integrated after-sales logistics services including spare parts storage management, spare parts transportation management and spare parts packaging management business, etc.

Parts logistics

Operation Flow Chart

  • Production logistics
  • After-sales logistics
Production logistics After-sales logistics

Business Resources

⊙ Transport capacity: The controllable transport capacity of more than 740 short-barge trucks and 1,000 long-distance trucks.

⊙ Warehousing: The warehousing area of parts and components nationwide exceeds 820,000 square meters.

⊙ Technologies: Mature IT systems (WMS system, TMS system, ATM system, RWCS system, GCS system), complete quality management system (ISO9001), complete industry qualifications (hazardous chemicals transportation qualification), diverse intelligent equipment application scenes (automated three-dimensional warehouse, high-position forklift, unmanned forklift, tractor, intelligent packaging conveyor line, intelligent AGV, intelligent grabbing robot).


Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai, BAIC Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd., BAIC Power Assembly Co., Ltd., BAIC Sales Committee, Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd., Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Inalfa, United Electronics, Bosch, Beijing Asia Pacific Automobile Chassis System Co., Ltd., Beijing Hainachuan Automobile Chassis System Co., Ltd., Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Co., Ltd. And Shanghai Valeo Automobile Electrical System Co., Ltd., etc.