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A provider for solutions to intelligent supply chain and services for supply chain integration

Business Overview

Through cooperation with China Railway Special Cargo Service Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd., multiple China Railway Express platform companies, German Federal Railway, and air freight companies,China Capital Logistics can provide customers around the world with logistics consulting, transportation scheme design, packaging, booking, domestic and international goods pick-up (delivery), domestic and foreign customs declaration (customs clearance), full track tracking, domestic and foreign warehousing, entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency services, and port services at the place of departure and destination. Our business model covers containers, railway cage trucks, ro-ro ships, etc., and we provide international multimodal transport services of railway, sea, air, and highway, etc. for various brands of commercial vehicles, parts, and other import and export goods.

International logistics

Operation Flow Chart

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Train Freight
Air Freight Ocean Freight Train Freight

Business Resources

⊙ Transport capacity: With the domestic transport capacity of China Capital Logistics up to more than 10,000 units and an annual transportation volume exceeds 1.6 million units, through cooperation with China Railway Special CargoService Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd., multiple China Railway Express platform companies, German Federal Railway and air freight companies, China Capital Logistics can provide scattered containers, container trains, large-volume ro-ro ships, ro-ro rail international transportation, port operations and other business options for goods such as complete vehicles and parts. Meanwhile, our overseas road transportation capacity can cover Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

⊙ Warehousing: Relying on branches and warehouses of China Capital Logistics across the country. At present, China Capital Logistics has 44 domestic warehousing sites, with a total domestic vehicle storage area of 3 million square meters and a total storage capacity of 120,000 units, which can meet the cargo storage needs of customers in different regions.

⊙ Technologies: We use WMS, logistics star, and other information system technologies to collect real-time information on goods in transit, and provide timely feedback to customers regarding the temperature, humidity, vibration, tilt, and stay time of the goods during transportation.


We provide integrated import and export international logistics services to imported Mercedes-Benz, BAIC Magna, and many other customers, and meet customers' individualized and diversified service needs.