Social Responsibility

Always attach much importance to corporate civic obligations and CSR (corporate social responsibility) with the mission of “Humanistic Care & Harmonious BAIC” in mind.

Social Responsibility

We adhere to the mission “Dedication to humanistic care, construction of Harmonious BAIC” and continuously pay attention and make investment to fulfill the corporate civic duties and practice corporate social responsibility.

 Supporting Wuhan: China Capital Logistics Urgently Delivered Ambulances to Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital!

Fulfilling Work Responsibilities, Dedicating to the Pandemic Prevention Zheng Lingling - a Party Member of China Capital Logistics

Fighting the Pandemic, China Capital Logistics in Action/ South-North Long Span! China Capital Logistics Urgently Convoyed the Pandemic Prevention Materials Transport in Beijing

The Most Beautiful Trip! China Capital Logistics Completed the Pandemic Area Guarantee Task Again and Successfully Delivered 24 BAIC Pandemic Prevention Materials Transport Vehicles to Front Line of Pandemic Prevention

Work and Production Resumption Boosted Economic Development of Lisui, and Beijing TV Station Reported China Capital Logistics