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China Capital Logistics provides a full range of integrated logistics services and solutions for complete-vehicle manufacturers, with its business covering the entire process of commodity vehicles from the production line to the dealers to provide whole-process services such as complete-vehicle warehousing, transportation, maintenance, chassis quality inspection, and PDI.China Capital Logistics has created the "YOUKAYUNCHE" brand for social vehicle customers such as second-hand cars, private cars, exhibition cars, financial supervision cars and dealers' new cars.

Vehicle logistics

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Vehicle Logistics

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⊙ Transport capacity: The company now has more than 10000 sets of transport vehicles and an annual transport capacity of more than 1.6 million sets. Through 87 available railway platforms and 19 waterway ports, we can reach more than 600 cities in China. At present, we have opened 334 railway transportation routes, 24 waterway transportation routes, and more than 3800 road transportation routes. We offer personalized transport schemes according to different shipment demands of commercial vehicles.

⊙ Warehousing: The company has built 17 logistics bases and 8 front-end warehouses, with a total warehousing service area of about 3 million square meters, which can be used to store about 120,000 vehicles.

⊙ Technology: China Capital Logistics vigorously develops informatization, digitization, and intelligent technologies, and has successfully developed systems such as logistics star, logistics eye, online assessment, paperless warehousing, and smart warehousing perception. We have achieved full coverage of informatization of vehicle business with the blockchain-based electronic waybill technology.


China Capital Logistics mainly provides complete vehicle logistics services for Beijing Benz, imported Benz, Beijing Hyundai, BAIC, Chang’an, and Great Wall, etc.