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Business Expansion Manager Business and Market Development Center Function Type Beijing 2021/12/31 job details

⊙ job Responsibilities

1、Participate in the establishment of the company's marketing strategy, independently develop or lead the team to develop and maintain customer resources to achieve regional sales goals.

2、Visit key customers regularly and irregularly to understand and deal with problems in the jurisdiction area timely.

3、Responsible for the negotiation and signing of the sales contract.

4、Manage sales managers and sales service teams in the area, improve efficiency, control costs, and complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

⊙ job requirements

1、Have experience in independently operating engineering projects and material sales, with the contract price of a single project no less than RMB 1 million.

2、Able to meet the needs of frequent business trips.

3、Flexible mind, familiar with Chinese language and culture, keenly capture market information, and quickly understand customers’ needs.

4、Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit. Those with subway customer resources and local government resources or experience in design institutes and China Railway are preferred.

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Parts After-sales Logistics Expert Parts Logistics Management Center Business Type Beijing 2021/12/31 job details

⊙ job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for promoting the planning, improvement, and modification of parts and components after-sales logistics business process;

2、Reasonably arrange the logistics plan according to the customer's sales order, coordinate and handle the abnormal process to ensure timely delivery;

3、Ensure the transportation strategy of the whole stage of logistics, and determine the leanest logistics mode based on the customer's supply cycle;

4、Responsible for in-transit and inventory data analysis and forecast;

5、Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the parts logistics solutions database;

6、Responsible for cost analysis and improvement of parts logistics.

⊙ job requirements

1、Lean management experience of parts after-sales logistics module;

2、Bachelor degree or above, more than 8 years of work experience in the automobile logistics industry, more than 3 years of experience in after-sales logistics module management of parts;

3、Those with experience in a well-known company (specifically refers to the Toyota Honda series) in the industry are preferred;

4、A member of the Communist Party of China is preferred.

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Senior Manager of Tax Planning Finance Management Center Function Type Beijing 2021/12/31 job details

⊙ job Responsibilities

1、Coordinate and formulate the company's systems related to tax management and the overall tax planning, supervise the implementation, and solve the problems in the implementation process;

2、Responsible for studying and collecting fiscal and tax preferential policies in the regions where the headquarter and each branch company are located, to ensure that the company as a whole fully enjoys the preferential policies and to empower the company's development;

3、Responsible for collecting and sorting out the tax laws, regulations, notices, etc. of the industry that the company is located, conveying and training them within the company promptly, and providing tax consulting services for various departments of the company;

4、Responsible for providing tax opinions and suggestions on the company's important business activities and major investments, and supervising tax risks throughout the process;

5、Responsible for reviewing the tax reporting system of the company's headquarters and subsidiary companies, providing daily tax support for the subsidiary companies, guiding the final settlement, etc., and regularly analyzing and reporting the overall tax work;

6、Monitor and guide the headquarter and various subsidiaries to control tax risks and coordinate the company's overall tax payment rhythm to reduce tax costs;

7、Responsible for providing tax support for the review of the qualifications of the company's new high-tech enterprise and responsible for contacting the taxation and tax review authorities.

⊙ job requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, accounting, and audit;

2、Familiar with Tax Law and Accounting Law, familiar with systems related to domestic tax policies and financial accounting, and able to correctly interpret new policies and implement them in the company's business;

3、At least 3 years working experience in tax planning for large state-owned enterprises or listed companies; a certified tax agent preferred.

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Technical Manager of Project Implementation Information Management Center R&D Type Beijing 2021/12/31 job details

⊙ job Responsibilities

1、Carry out project implementation, system promotion, user training, daily operation and maintenance management, and secondary development according to the requirements of the company's information implementation plan to ensure that the information system meets the needs of business development;

2、Participate in business demand survey, demand analysis, planning, and design, and guide the development and application of information systems following the requirements of the information technology project initiation and scheme to ensure that the project is implemented on schedule;

3、Compile project documents, including demands analysis documents, scheme design documents, test documents , and training documents according to the requirements of information technology project implementation and IT project management system to meet the project implementation management specifications;

4、Propose process optimization suggestions and solutions given the risks and difficulties in the use of the system based on user feedback and business investigations of information system operation to ensure the normal operation of the system;

5、Maintain and support the information system with the information security management system as the standard based on the requirements of the IT operation and maintenance management system to ensure the availability and continuity of system operation.

⊙ job requirements

1、Bachelor degree, computer-related major.

2、Professional knowledge and skills requirements.

3、Familiar with project management knowledge and have rich experience in information technology project management implementation and operation and maintenance guarantee.

4、 Good ability in demand analysis, project design, and independent work and thinking.

5、 Familiar with ORACEL, MYSQL databases, good SQL writing ability.

6、 Familiar with the development process of mainstream development tools such as JAVA and software.

7、Good ability in communication, business analysis, and document writing, strong organization, promotion, and coordination skills, and capable of completing projects excellently.

8、Have good English reading ability.

9、Those with experience in development and R&D and implementation of logistics industry information systems are preferred.

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